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Study of the impact of Comenius In-service Training


The present study is one of the means of the European Commission to judge the impact of Comenius on school education in Europe and to identify opportunities of increasing the effectiveness of the programme. It is the aim of Comenius In-Service Training (IST) to contribute to the improvement of the European dimension of teacher training as well as to the quality of pedagogical approaches and school management by enabling teachers and other school education staff to undertake training abroad. The target group of the study consisted of successful applicants from all eligible countries who took part in training between January and July 2009. More than 4,000 beneficiaries were asked prior and after the Comenius supported in-service training about their expectations, ways and areas of preparation, experiences during the training period, outcomes and impacts and future plans for international cooperation and activities. A high proportion of more than 80 percent of IST-participants supported the study and responded to at least one of the two surveys.


European Commission

Zeitraum: 2009 - 2010


Zentrum für Schul- und Bildungsforschung an der Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg.


MAIWORM, Friedhelm; KASTNER, Heiko; WENZEL, Hartmut: Study of the impact of Comenius In-Service Training activities. Kassel 2010.

Overall report

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