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Survey on HCM fellows, Supervisors and Administrators


On 16 March 1992, the Council of the European Communities made a decision of setting up the Human Capital and Mobility (HCM) programme within the Third Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development. This provides funds, inter alia, for a scheme of European mobility fellowships with largely decentralised management by host laboratories. The major target group of the programme were young researchers of the European Economic Area wishing to spend a research period abroad in another country.

With the introduction of the HCM programme not only individual fellows could apply for an EC grant but also host institutions were given the opportunity to apply for a contingent of grants to be awarded to fellows pre-selected by the host institutions.

In the mean time, the HCM programme was first renamed into Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) and currently the fellowships were named Marie Curie Research Training Grants.

As part of evaluation activities, the European Commission provided financial support to conduct a survey of EC fellows who applied successfully and were selected for an individual fellowship between 1987 and December 1993 and started their fellowship not later than December 1994, including both fellows supported under the HCM and sectoral programmes, and of their host laboratory supervisors and administrators. The survey addressed the fellows career, their academic and living experiences during the research periods in another country, the administrative and financial context as well as the outcomes of the fellowship.


European Commission

Zeitraum: 1995 - 1997


Centre for Research on Higher Education and Work at the University of Kassel, Germany (project coordination)


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