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Financial Intermediation Training Project


To enhance the capabilities of the staff of the financial institutions in the Palestinian Territories and to enhance the quality of services in the banking sector the Worldbank financed a series of technical training courses to the management and staff of local banks.

After a detailed training needs assessment for this reason GES designed and implemented a set of 39 further education modules. The training sessions were designed as several-days courses, sometimes also as long-term evening programs. In essence, the courses dealt with six major subjects:

  • Marketing for financial institutions
  • Management and administration
  • Crediting, private loans as well as corporate financing
  • Trade financing, foreign trade financing
  • Strategy seminars dealing with subjects like "Universal Banks vs. Specialized Banks", "WTO and GATT: Impacts on Financial Institutions in Palestine", etc.

In addition there were special training measures like "Bank Management: Computer Simulation", "Feasibility Study Analysis", "Tellers Operations" etc.

For the various programs GES had produced extensive training material. A continuous monitoring system was developed and implemented to ensure the quality of the courses.

The training measures were visited by 516 banking staff. Because some people participated in more than one course the overall number of participants to all of the programs was 605. In a final evaluation 55 % of all the participants rated the quality of the courses as excellent, 38 % as very good and 5 % as good.


Weltbank, PECDAR – Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction, Ramallah/ Palästinensische Gebiete

Zeitraum: 1996 - 2003


Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman
Bank Akademie e.V., Frankfurt


Albert Over (e-Mail:; phone: +49-561-72975-33)