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Human Resources Development Program


Following a previous project of establishing a special credit fund as well as a guarantee fund to support business start-ups in the Palestinian Territories with that new program the competencies of the participating banks – Arab Bank and Palestine Investment Bank – in designing and administration of appropriate financial entrepreneurship development programs should be extended and upgraded. While in the meantime the political situation in the Palestinian Territories became weak with strong implications to the business community in general and especially to business starters it seemed to be appropriate to train the staff of participating banks in handling of non-performing loans too. For the management of the project GES has sent a long-term expert to the Palestinian Territories and employed local staff.

The various measures of the program were subordinated to seven major training and advisory pools

  • Marketing – especially for business-starters
  • Project appraisal and loan approval
  • Loan monitoring and techniques of dept-refunding
  • Improvement of an EDP-based loan monitoring system
  • Restructuring of non-performing loans
  • Identification and support of focus branches
  • Support and consultancy in handling of guarantee funds.

The measures were designed and implemented as short or several days seminars, as long-term further education but also as “training-on-the-job” activities.

Involved into the program was the central management of the participating banks as well as the branch management. However, the main focus was laid on the of the staff directly involved in dealing with business-starters and young entrepreneurs.

n the meantime, by establishing an own department the Arab Bank has integrated the funding of business starters and young entrepreneurs into its regular business.


Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)

Zeitraum: 2001 - 2003


Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG), Köln/ Deutschland


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