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Study on English-Language-Based Degree Programmes at European Higher Education Institutions


The study concerns full degree programmes, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, in 19 European countries where English is not the "natural" medium of instruction. In order to explore this researched issue, two large questionnaire surveys were carried out, targeting over 1,500 universities and colleges. With a response rate of over 50 percent, the results rest on a very safe footing. In addition to the surveys, site visits to 11 institutions were carried out, to learn more about the "inner life" of the programmes in question, and the challenges they face. Information was also collected from quality assurance and internationalization agencies in countries with a medium or high number of programmes taught in English.

The study pursues three major aims. In a quantitatively-oriented approach, it first "maps" the provision of English-Language-Taught Degree Programmes (abbreviated ELTDPs) in Europe, in order to find out about the general level of provision, the picture in the different countries, the type, size and age of the institutions offering ELTDPs, the composition of the student body enrolled in ELTDPs and the main subject areas in which they are being offered, amongst other items. Second, in a more qualitative orientation, it identifies key factors of importance for any institution intending to start or widen the provision of ELTDPs, such as motivation, institutional approaches and the role of single actors inside an institution, marketing, language proficiency, organisation, funding, accreditation and quality assurance, and intended or unexpected spin-off effects. Third, it provides a set of recommendations for good practice in the conception, planning, introduction and operation of ELTDPs.


Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

Zeitraum: 2001 - 2002


Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in Brüssel


MAIWORM, Friedhelm; WÄCHTER, Bernd: English-Language-Taught Degree Programmes in European Higher Education. Trends and Success Factors. Bonn 2002 (ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education)


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